AON’s successful debut at IDEM2022 Singapore for Asian dental market

AON has participated in IDEM2022 Singapore as exhibitor for October 7 to 9. This is the 1st time for AON to introduce its technology and products for Asian dental market. AON got a great attention from all visitors and other exhibitors during the IDEM2022. AON was honored to interview with Mr Ong Ye Kung, Singapore’s health minister representing all Korean exhibitors. AON had strong leads from big dental distributors, dental labs & clinics from Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, etc and got an order from a dental product trading company in Singapore. AON has agreed to designate the Singapore trading company as distributor for Singapore and neighboring countries. AON is expected to promptly penetrate into Asian dental market coming months in leveraging this successful debut at IDEM2022.


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