About AON

AON Co., Ltd is a Korean company manufacturing bio-ceramic 3D printer and the materials for dental and non-dental purpose. AON is the first mover pioneered additive manufacturing technology to produce dental restorations and has begun a new paradigm in dental equipment markets. It has been founded in 2016 by those who have successfully developed and commercialized bio-ceramic orthodontic brackets for the first time in the world. Based on the bio-ceramic technology applied to production of the orthodontic brackets, AON has successfully developed the 3D printer and slurry products and is ramping up to global markets. AON never stops R&D efforts to produce better quality of products and keeps management and operation process transparent and innovative to meet the global standards. It is AON’s priority to protect the interests of investors. AON is committed not only to developing and delivering the best quality of products and services to global markets and customers, but also to designing and creating the value of future in implementing innovative technology fit to customers’ need and requirements.


Pursuing 4 pronged visions – taking the lead in global dental equipment markets, getting the higher value added on products and technology, strengthening competitiveness by innovation of production process and technology, pursuing the top-notch global manufacturer for bio-ceramic 3D printer and the materials, AON’s management team is pioneering and breaking the boundaries of the technologies and innovations. They have successfully developed and commercialized orthodontic brackets several years ago and applied their technologies and know-hows to develop the bio-ceramic 3D printers and the materials. AON’s management team is keen to clap their hands, encourage, embrace each and every employees whenever they are good, happy, sad, and frustrated because of their strong faith reading only the best team can make the best products.


AON’s success depends on its capabilities to develop innovative technologies and to constantly do its best efforts for R&D. AON is collaborating with and supported by top-class partners and experts all over the world. They are specialized in their valuable products and services with long-term experience and technologies and leading their own markets.




AON has applied PCT patents covering 12 countries to protect its intellectual properties. Below are local patents registered at Korean authority.


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