AON’s products and technology have heated IDS2023 at Cologne Germany

AON has participated in IDS2023 as exhibitor at Cologne, Germany for March 14 to 18. It was the 2nd time participation since the 1st participation in September, 2021. AON has exhibited ZIRWASH together with ZIPRO-D which is the auto-washing machine for the printed Zirconia prosthetic. Like other exhibition, AON ran demo-printings each and every day during 5-days IDS period in printing veneers, ortho brackets, crowns, and multi-unit bridges. Visitors looked so impressed to see 40 veneers, small and thin ortho brackets, multi-unit bridges being printed at each of demonstrations.
AON got a few orders from visitors during IDS and a visitor took over the displayed machines after IDS ended. AON has also signed off the distribution and supply agreement with a big dental trading company from Egypt during the exhibition.
AON got some feedbacks from visitors in asking to develop a glass ceramic slurry to print anterior crowns or veneers and immediatly started to develop it. AON got a few collaboration proposals from global dental companies for sales promotion or development.
AON continues not only to collect customers’ feedbacks for additional development, but also to ramp up global dental market.


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