AON has introduced new application of Zirconia dental membrane for GBR operation at GNYDM 2023, New York

AON has participated at GNYDM 203, New York, USA as exhibitor for November 26 to 29. This is the 2nd time participation since the 1st participation on December, 2021. AON demontrated how to print Zirconia dental membrane with ZIPRO system and seized a great attentions from visitors. Zirconia dental membrance is regarded as a new solution to replace the current Titanium or Collagen membranes for GBR operation of dental implant surgery. Many dentists and dental labs expressed their strong interest on Zirconia dental membrane with ZIPRO system. AON is committed to offering a full range of technical supports to those who want not only to manufacture the Zirconia dental membrane, but to do the clinical case for dental implant patients with Zirconia dental membrane.


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