AON has successfully started to ramp up global ceramic part manufacturer markets.

동영상 재생

AON has participated in Ceramitec 2022 exhibition on June 21 to 24 at Munich, Germany.

Ceramitec exhibition is one of the largest international trade fair for the ceramic industry and opens once a three-year.

356 exhibitors from 34 countries and region have joined the exhibition and many visitors with expertise, professional technologies have gathered.

AON has seized a great attention from many visitors and exhibitors in introducing AON’s technologies on ceramic materials and the dedicated 3D printer as advanced solutions for ceramic application manufacturing.

Global ceramic industry leader such as Bosch, FormLabs, Straumann etc. and local ceramic manufacturers in the world have expressed their strong interests on AON’s products in admiring AON’s cutting-edged technologies.

Yarn guide manufacturers and ceramic medical part manufacturers have asked AON to produce their sample ceramic products for validations.

AON successfully started to ramp up global ceramic part manufacturing market via Ceramitec 2022 this year and will continue to participate in subsequent Ceramitec exhibitions in Asia region.


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