AON has successfully introduced the new Zirconia 3D Printer of ZIPRO-D for chairside placement as variant of ZIPRO Dental at AEEDC 2022 Dubai held for February 1 to 3, 2022.

AON has participated in AEEDC 2022 exhibition at Dubai with ZIPRO-D as exhibitor for February 1 to 3. ZIPRO-D is the new Zirconia 3D Printer as a variant of ZIPRO Dental for chairside placement.
AEEDC exhibition is one of the largest global dental exhibitions held in middle-east region. Each and every year, a lot of middle-east visitors and global dental exhibitors are crowded to see and introduce new technologies and products for dental labs, dental clinics.
The smaller, lighter but enhanced DLP engine embedded ZIPRO-D has seized a great attention from many visitors and exhibitors all during the exhibition.
AON has signed off the distributor agreement with a big Egyptian company at Day 3. AON had meetings with more than 80 companies who visited AON booth and started to follow up next steps with many of them mostly from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, etc.
AON has successfully introduced its technology and products for Zirconia 3D printing and the dedicated Zirconia slurry on the middle-east market since successful participation in 3 global exhibitions of IDS 2021, FormNext 2021 and GNYDM 2021 last year.


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